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Taking place inside our fabulous venues and outside in your local neighbourhood, Boroondara Arts presents a jam-packed program with some of the best arts events this side of the city.


For the first time Boroondara Arts presents a year-long Performing Arts program curated collectively across our venues, Hawthorn Arts Centre and Kew Court House.

The practice and performance of traditional art forms, classical music and dance, are embedded in our rich local culture. Our 2017 program embraces this history and laces it together with new work and genres, painting a true reflection of the inner east’s creative state today. From the classical to the contemporary, the next twelve months is about reacquainting ourselves with the known and diverging into the new and unexplored.

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Sharing stories, recounting familiar songs that parents won’t stop singing in the car (Shhhhhhh Mum!) and laughing at those ridiculous low-brow kids’ comedians are all memories formed together by kids and their families. With brilliant theatre, hilarious comedy and some of the best music in town, we offer some of these moments that just might hang around in the family memory bank for life!

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Join the Boroondara Arts Kids’ Club and be the first to know all about the exciting programs and events at the Hawthorn Arts Centre, Kew Court House, Town Hall Gallery and other locations across Boroondara presented especially for kids!


Both inside our amazing venues and outside in your local neighbourhoods, our Participate program offers a variety of low cost and free creative opportunities for you to get involved with in 2017.

Want to dance like no one is watching or explore the wetlands trails and frog habitats of your local billabong? Do you want more public art to enjoy in your parks and neighbourhoods or to up-skill your arts practice and work towards world domination? We’ve got you covered.

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Town Hall Gallery has an exciting program of exhibitions, public programs and events planned for 2017. The curated exhibitions will showcase works from The Collection, commissioned works by new artists and a survey of Clement Meadmore’s design practice. We will kick off our program highlighting recent sculptural acquisitions by leading Australian artist, Emily Floyd from 14 January – 12 March 2017. This will be followed by an exhibition which takes a look at some of Melbourne’s most interesting emerging abstract painters.

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